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Date Crown


Date Crown is the first retail brand from Al Foah and is presently the market leader in the UAE.

Date Crown is one of the top performing date brands in international markets. The brand is currently exported to more than 33 countries across the world and is popular due to the wide range of date product categories, different pack sizes and formats that it has to offer to the consumers.



Sourced from the finest palm plantation near and far, Nutra brings you the world’s best dates exactly as nature intended. These delicious dates are nourished by sunshine and selected for purity, so they are full of goodness.

Complete with their original vitamins and minerals, every bite delivers a healthy burst of energy. Nothing is added or taken away, which makes eating and living naturally with Nutra the sweetest part of every day



Zadina is Al Foah’s flagship brand of culinary boutiques that showcase the wonders of UAE dates.

Food-lovers, walk into a world of tempting yet healthy culinary delights and lusciously crafted delicacies made from natural Emirati dates, including chocolate-covered dates, dates pralines and assorted desserts. Zadina also retails one-of-a-kind festive arrangements, luxury trays and customised gift boxes for your loved ones, all wrapped up in elegant bespoke packaging.