Chairman of the Board


Al Foah started as a dream that turned into reality when it was established in 2005. Our founders aspired to develop the date palm sector in the U.A.E. Since its inception, Al Foah has successfully promoted the spread of Emirati dates locally and ensured their availability globally in more than 45 countries. Around 90% of the dates processed and produced by our factories are exported internationally.

Al Foah has become the largest company in terms of date production in the world. We boast an annual production capacity that exceeds 160 thousand tons of dates, produced and packaged according to the international standards and quality systems ISO and HACCP. Thanks to this adherence to the highest of standards and its commitment to innovation, Al Foah Company is renowned and trusted to deliver a varied assortment of date products under different brand names, including “Date Crown”, and “Saad”, as well as the luxury, dates retail chain “Zadina.” An outstanding team of researchers works tirelessly to devise groundbreaking methods for cultivating, picking, processing, and marketing this integral fruit. Dates reflect the whole world the authentic Emirati ethos, contained in an appealing, modern, delicious product.

Motivated by our achievements, we have introduced our new corporate identity and decided to transform Al Foah Company into something even greater by raising the bar of our ambitions higher still. Presently, we are researching how to enhance the already outstanding quality of our products and services, which customers have come to associate with our brand. All hands will be on deck as we launch our new corporate identity which has everyone working as an integrated group comprised of team members from all divisions of the company that are collaborating with our strategic partners to ensure that our efforts are fruitful. It gives us great pleasure to confidently announce that the Al Foah family is expanding and developing novel strategies that make our brands synonymous with excellent quality. Indeed, we aim to be an ambassador for Emirati agricultural and culinary excellence throughout the world and make our country proud.

Al Foah Company’s embarkment on this journey includes efforts to strengthen the country’s palm and dates sector, as well to align our brand’s new identity with Emirati identity through the importance we both assign to the consecrated palm. It is worth mentioning that we deal with more than 24,000 farmers via our receiving centers, which are equipped with the latest technology. In 2018, we designed and applied a newly updated marketing policy for receiving dates, with the ultimate goal of increasing the competitiveness of Emirati dates both locally and globally.

Updates have been made to our Company’s Thamra 2022 vision, which center on broadening our market by diversifying the kinds of dates we grow—specifically, those which are increasingly in demand in other countries. Additionally, we will place great emphasis on high productivity lines and selectively upgrading these new lines to meet the different demands of the market according to a precise process of study and filtration. As our exports are mainly concentrated in European markets, we also seek to increase our sales in Asian countries with medium and limited income. Further to this, we will target new consumer demographics around the world by importing dates from countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria. We will achieve this by conducting our own operations more effectively and by increasing the efficiency of our essential capabilities.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have supported us during every step throughout our journey towards success. Specifically, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the government of Abu Dhabi, the Board of Directors, the Executive Team, and our employees, who have been doing everything they can to achieve outstanding results.