Sourced from the finest palm plantation near and far, Nutra brings you the world’s best dates exactly as nature intended. These delicious dates are nourished by sunshine and selected for purity, so they are full of goodness.

Complete with their original vitamins and minerals, every bite delivers a healthy burst of energy. Nothing is added or taken away, which makes eating and living naturally with Nutra the sweetest part of every day.

    The finest plain dates of different varieties, colors and textures, including Medjool, Khalas, Sukkari, Lulu, Saqai and Medjool Organic.
  • Filled Dates
    Filled Dates
    The perfect treat for pure pleasure, premium Nutra dates filled with Almond or Pistachio.
  • Date Bars
    Date Bars
    A healthy and tasty snack that is made of our premium dates, available in 4 different flavors.
  • Chocolate Dates
    Chocolate Dates
    Finish off an indulgent meal or gift a loved one with these irresistible treats - rich, juicy dates rolled in the finest chocolate.