Date Crown is the first retail brand from Al Foah and is presently the market leader in the UAE. 

Date Crown is one of the top performing date brands in international markets.The brand is currently exported to more than 33 countries across the world and is popular due to the wide range of date product categories, different pack sizes and formats that it has to offer to the consumers.

Our Products

  • Plain Dates

    The finest plain dates of different varieties, colors and textures, including Khalas, Fard, Lulu, Khenaizi, and Dabbas.

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  • Dates with Almond

    Pamper your guests with the ultimate symbol of hospitality: a selection of premium dates stuffed with almonds in a 250g carton, from Date Crown.

  • Dates with Chocolate

    Give your loved ones the perfect gift - a deluxe tray of high quality dates richly rolled in fine Belgian chocolate, from Date Crown.

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  • Date Syrup

    Sweeten your dishes in the traditional and healthy way, with Date Crown's classic date syrup in a 400g bottle.

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  • Date Paste

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with Date Crown's all-natural date paste that's perfect for desserts.

  • Organic Dates

    Nutritious and delicious handpicked organic dates, sourced from the Al Foah Organic Date Farm.

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  • Vacuum Dates

    Indulge in your favourite varieties of dates all year round, with vacuum dates from Date Crown.

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