Al Dhafra Dates is exclusively produced at the Al Marfa Date Factory that is located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi.

For the discerning customer, Al Dhafra offers whole dates of different varieties as well as date paste and date syrup. Al Dhafra dates-based products are created exclusively from pure, natural ingredients that are free of chemicals and artificial coloring. Al Dhafra is available at outlets all across the UAE as well as some selected international territories.

Our Products

  • Pillow Pouch

    Hygienically packed 400g pillow pouches, available in three popular variants – Khalas, Fard & Dabbas.

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  • Dates Tin

    Fresh, delicious and healthy - try these perfectly packaged, high-quality Emirates dates.

  • Pressed Dates

    Indulge in the simple delight of tightly pressed dates, sealed in a thermoform pack to maintain product freshness.

  • Whole Dates

    Wonderfully sweet and brimming with nutrients, Al Dhafra whole dates are the right choice for your health.

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